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The Early Years

Alex got his first taste of the acting world when he was 13, attending a youth Easter course run by Starmaker Theatre Company. After enjoying the course, he successfully auditioned and joined the company. During his six years at Starmaker, he performed in over 20 productions and was a background artist in the 4th and 5th Harry Potter films.


In 2008, Alex was awarded a full scholarship to train at Guildford School of Acting (GSA), where he spent the next three years learning all the aspects of acting and honing his craft.


Career Highlights

After graduating from GSA, Alex began his career in theatre debuting in the UK tour of Numberjacks. In the years that followed, he worked regularly with Oxford Shakespeare Company and Rabble Theatre (formerly RBL Theatre) and performed in nine of Rabble Theatre's Off The Block productions. Alongside theatre, Alex has worked on numerous commercial, film, TV, and motion capture projects over the years.


In addition to his acting work, Alex regularly coached students for LAMDA exams, audition preparation, and public speaking engagements. In 2020, he completed his MSc in Psychology at BPP University, achieving a distinction.

The Present

Alex is a specialist in improvisation and commercial work. He has travelled across the world filming for brands such as HSBC, Regina Blitz, and Lenor.


Alex is a thought leader in public speaking and presentation skills, working with clients such as Aston Martin, ITV, and Kenwood. He is currently in the final stages of his PhD at  Bangor University, exploring the effects of theatrical improvisation on public speaking anxiety and performance. 

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What's next?

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