The Good, The Bad, and The Fifty

12th Annual London Improvathon

12th Annual London Improvathon - Alexander McWilliam

London Box Office ★★★★★

"Every moment was unique and original but also ephemeral and fleeting. What happened on stage in front of our audience will never happen again and that is why it was so brilliant."

The Reviews Hub ★★★★

"A great concept and one that more than a decade on is getting better and better, so mosey-on down to Wiltons and enjoy the ride!"

London Theatre Reviews ★★★★★

"Innovative and brilliantly unpredictable, its a comedy treat not-to-be-missed!"

The Spy in the Stalls ★★★★

“The cast is strong, verbally agile and crucially – so, so crucially for a show like this – seem to be having a good time.”

As You Like it

As You Like It - Oxford Shakespeare Company - Oliver
As You Like It - Oxford Shakespeare Company - Jacques

Oxford Times ★★★★

"Giving the play its essential chiaroscuro, Alexander McWilliam is a particularly lyrical Jacques."

Chris Sparkle

"Completing the courtly foursome is Alexander McWilliam playing three roles, although it feels like four characters; portraying the early Oliver as a brutal bully with a heart of ice who then transforms into the later Oliver bearing the cheeriest of smiles and bravely going weak-at-the-knees at the sight of Celia. He’s also Charles the wrestler (clearly putting in extra time at the gym) and, most significantly, the enigmatic character of Jaques. Mr McWilliam’s performance is superbly subtle – the text describes the character as melancholy and that’s precisely how he comes across: reserved, reflective, world-weary but not bitter, with an unsentimental grip on reality shown nowhere better than with the famous Seven Ages of Man speech. It’s a performance of so many facets that you simply can’t categorise it. With a role that’s easy to caricature, this Jaques is a real, complex person."

Daily Info

"Alexander McWilliam convincingly portrays Oliver, the melancholic Jacques and bruiser Charles."

Reading Post

"This is a delightful and animated production starring just eight performers many of whom assume multiple roles. The cast received a well deserved standing ovation for its performance and for a memorable, quintessentially English summer evening's entertainment this production is hard to beat. This outdoor Shakespeare production will stay with audiences long after it has finished."

Mad Monkey Improv

Mad Monkey Improv - 3 year anniversary show
Mad Monkey Improv - 3 year anniversary show

Get Reading ★★★★★

"One word. Brilliant. It can't be easy making up an entire scene based on one word or phrase from an audience member, and it must be even harder still to keep the entire thing funny. But Mad Monkey Improv did it, and they kept the audience laughing the entire time."

Reading Unplugged

“Number 1 show to see at Reading Fringe!”

Broadsheet Boutique ★★★★

"Clutch-your-wobbling-belly hilarious. As is the nature of improv, every show is going to be different, but Mad Monkey have such a great energy about them I can’t imagine any show falling flat. It looks as if they’re having as much fun on stage as we are in the audience, and that hilarity is infectious.

The night is divided into little vignettes, with the four performers – Alex McWilliam, Oliver Kyte, Sam Rogers and Brandon Plummer – taking to the stage in different combinations. The changeovers are slick so we’re never left for long without a giggle…Witty, silly, and very funny."

Reading Post ★★★★

“A cracking night of comedy...Just what the Berkshire comedy scene needs"

British Theatre Guide

“Kept the audience laughing all night."

"A really enjoyable night of well executed fun and mischief."

Off The Block - Mister C - Reading Between The Lines Theatre Company

Off The Block - Mister C

The Reading Post

"Sharp, energetic and versatile productions with punchy lines celebrated the union of crafty writing, creative direction and stellar acting - everything that this fresh and exciting company is about."

Get Reading

"With a deliciously fresh and contemporary script, the four actors each cleverly held their own in playing contrasting characters, in particular Alexander McWilliam's portrayal of an unsuspecting and outspoken new preacher." 

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night - Reading Between the Lines Theatre Company
Twelfth Night - Reading Between the Lines Theatre Company

​British Theatre Guide ★★★★★

“Much humour is brought to the production in the shape of the hard drinking buffoons Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Alexander McWilliam), who arrives on a pedal cycle from the back of the church.”

XN Media ★★★★★

“Clear pronunciation, great body language and not one of them seemed out of character for a second. Each actor as strong and confident in their performance. They're good singers, too.”

​Remote Goat ★★★★★

“In terms of staging, the Reading Minster was exploited to the full - The foppish Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Alexander McWilliam) made his entrance cycling the length of the nave to arrive at the stage.”

The Public Review ★★★★

“There are ample laughs to be had from Joe Marsh and Alexander McWilliam as Sir Toby & Sir Andrew respectively. McWilliam in particular captures a real and inspired sense of isolation, he gradually paints the picture of a man out of his depth with no one cherish.” 

Reading Post ★★★★

“RBL have created a witty adaption of the classic comedy which pulls out threads of humour and unravels them at speed.” 

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Oxford Shakespeare Company
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Oxford Shakespeare Company

Remote Goat ★★★★

“The physical elements too were also well choreographed, particularly the lovers main dispute scene that had fantastic pace and energy - I would belie anyone of any culture/nationality/language to watch that scene and not understand what was going on, Shakespeare virgin or not. The cast played it with great revelry but, I also suspect, great care, as despite the rompish nature of it, behind all good theatre like that is detailed rehearsal and precision so no-one gets too hurt...The lovers (Joanna Calderwood, Alexander McWilliam, Rebecca Naylor and Andrew Venning), managed to get a lovely balance of the larger than life characters needed in outdoor theatre but kept them natural and realistic too.” 

Chris Sparkle

“Also responsible for a lot of very funny horseplay are Andrew Venning as Lysander and Alexander McWilliam as Demetrius, who basically fight like girls, do excellent po-faced sincerity at the behest of Hermia or Helena, or neither, or both; roll around in the grass a lot and attack the physical comedy head on. How can Demetrius resenting having his hair ruffled be so funny?... you will remember scene after scene packed with laughs and inventive comedy.” 

Daily Info

"Magic, beauty, laughter, genius, extraordinarily talented entertainers - all at Wadham this summer. Not to be missed."

Oxford Times

"Uniformly excellent ensemble acting and immaculate diction result in several scenes being superbly played as high farce. Altogether this is a Dream to warm the cockles of your heart." 

Off the Block - Reading Between the Lines Theatre Company

Off The Block - Imposters

Remote Goat ★★★★

“An audacious and courageous concept. By restricting everyone to a timetable, it generated freshness and spontaneity that showed through in the actor's delivery."

Reading Post

“Sitting in the audience at Off the Block it was almost impossible to believe the 16 actors - four for each play - had only seen their scripts that morning. Admittedly they are all professionals, so they should be used to learning lines, but barely a single word was dropped, and if you were not aware of the concept you'd think they had been rehearsing for weeks. Each play was slick and entertaining and wildly different from the next. Off the Block was a feast of brilliant acting, superb writing and theatrical entertainment of the highest quality."

GSA Productions

Fiddler on the Roof - Guildford School of Acting

The Stage on GSA Acting Showcase

"The UnXmas Story by Jeff Goode is where a very 21st-century Mary and Joseph (Alexander McWilliam who does a good line in long suffering) arrive at the inn and she won't put the baby in the manager in case a cow comes and nibbles it in the night. The humour was confident and there was real chemistry between the two actors."

Pete Harris on Epsom Downs

"Generous, Commanding, Witty and well studied work."

Luan De Burgh on The Cabinet Minister

"A well created character, in the moment and very present, with strong vocal ability."

Luan De Burgh on The Orestia

"The voice was incredible focused and in the moment...a faultless performance."