LAMDA Coaching

Before training at GSA, Alexander went through the LAMDA syllabus himself to develop his acting skills. As a freelance LAMDA coach he has taught at various schools, theatre companies, stage schools in and around the Berkshire area. He has retained a 100% pass rate for his students over the last 14 years, with a majority of students gaining a Merit or Distinction mark. 

What is LAMDA?

LAMDA examinations are a great way to unlock a range of skills that will serve an individual throughout their life. It will build up their self confidence, and unlock their imagination as well as developing communication skills and refining their technical ability.

In 2009 LAMDA Examinations became accredited, therefore students taking the higher grades in the LAMDA syllabus (Bronze, Silver & Gold) the result are the equivalent of AS and A-Level grades. Which means that when applying for university, they can count towards UCAS points. You can find out more information about LAMDA qualifications

LAMDA Clients include

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How to book

Alexander is currently based in the Berkshire area and can coach in small groups or privately as a one to one sessions. If you would like to book a session, or would like any more information please free to contact Alex