Acting CV

Height: 6ft 5"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel 

Skills: Improvisation, Motion Capture, Krav Maga, Voice Over, Master of Ceremonies, Horse Riding, APC Stage Combat, Workshop leader, Director

Stage Combat: APC Actor Combatant Advanced Recommendation in Case of Rapiers, Rapier and Cloak, 18th Century Small Sword, Found Weapons. 1st in Broadsword, Staff, Unarmed, Knife, Knife close quarters, Rapier & Dagger

Accents: RP (Native), heightened RP, Cockney, Estuary, Southern American, General American

Training: Guildford School of Acting


IN COLD BLOOD 'Steve Smiley' Dir. Jess Daniels (RBL Theatre Company)

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE FIFTY 'Will Chair' Dir. Adam Meggido & Patti Stiles

OFF THE BLOCK - ZOOM OUT! 'Peter' Dir. Katharine Farmer (RBL Theatre Company)

THE MCCLANES: TWOPROV SHOW ' Improviser'  (The McClanes)

OFF THE BLOCK - DUST TO DUST 'Alex' Dir. Sabina Netherclift (RBL Theatre Company)

SCHRÖDINGER'S HAT 'Improviser' Dir. Dave Robertson (The Free Radicals)

WHAT'S THE GAME ' Improviser' Dir. Seamus Allen (What's The Game Improv)

DOGS OF WAR ' Spartan' Dir. Richard Kidd (Creation Theatre)

TWELFTH NIGHT 'Sir Andrew Aguecheek' Dir. Hal Chambers (RBL Theatre Company)

OFF THE BLOCK - HEALING POWERS 'Troy' Dir. Andrew Bone (RBL Theatre Company)

MISSION:IMPROVABLE 'Improviser' (Mad Monkey Improv)

DUST TO DUST 'Seb Spencer' Dir. Jonno James Ashby (Hookhitch Theatre Company)

AS YOU LIKE IT 'Jaques, Oliver, Charles' Dir. Michael Oakley (Oxford Shakespeare Company)

OFF THE BLOCK - THE LIST 'Man' Dir. Gemma Kerr (RBL Theatre Company)

THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE FUNNY 'Improviser' (Mad Monkey Improv)

JUST SO STORIES 'Various Roles' Dir. Clayton Doherty (Simply Theatre)

OFF THE BLOCK - MISTER C 'Stephen' Dir. Ant Stones (RBL Theatre Company)

TWELFTH NIGHT 'Sir Andrew Aguecheek' Dir. Hal Chambers (RBL Theatre Company)

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM 'Demetrius Dir. Gemma Fairlie (Oxford Shakespeare Company)

OFF THE BLOCK -IMPOSTERS ' Alex' Dir. Deirdre Mullins (RBL Theatre Company)

DRACULA 'Sir Arthur Holmwood' Dir. Harry Williams (Broadway Theatre)

NUMBERJACKS UK TOUR ' The Numbertaker' Dir. Kenn Oldfield (Open Mind Productions)

THIS TOO SHALL PASS 'Tom' Dir. James Milton (Ben Lewis & Kahli Hayes)


FIST FIGHT 'Mr Taylor' Dir. Monica Chin & Roy Hui (Scene Productions)


HOW DID YOU GET SO WEAK 'Doctor' Dir. Matt Daley (Clearway Media)

LE TOUR DE CHAT 'Kidnapper' Dir. Simon Stolland (AM Productions)

LEADER 'Teacher' Dir. Simon Stolland (Aukes Media)

(WINNER BEST BEST FILM - Reading Film Festival 2019)

REVENGE: CHAPTER 1 'Michael' Dir. Greg Shoulder (Independant)

THE PROPOSAL 'Groom to be Dir. Simon Stolland (Aukes Media)

(WINNER BEST ACTOR & BEST FILM - Reading Film Festival 2016)

HERCULES 'Various Roles (Motion Capture)' Dir. Brett Ratner (Paramount Pictures)

REVENGE: CHAPTER III 'Michael' Dir. Greg Shoulder (Independant)

NEBULA 'Thug' Dir. Simon Stolland (Aukes Media)

AWAKE 'George' Dir. Greg Shoulder (UCL)

CORNER OF THE UNIVERSE 'Chris' Dir. Alexander McWilliam (Aukes Media)

SORRY 'James' Dir. Greg Shoulder (Independant)

THE LOST FATHER 'WW1 Soldier' Dir. Ian Gibbons (Panvista Productions)

SENTRY 'WW2 Soldier' Dir. Mark Woodcock (Independant)

READING MY DREAMS 'Harry' Dir. Stuart McDonald (Spike Island Films)

WALLS 'Michael' Dir. Sahal Tabal (Angela Ruskin University)

ONE MORE KISS DEAR 'Harold Hall' Dir. Lawrence Bourke (Longwater Films)


EE 'Boyfriend' Dir. Bugsy Steel (Baker Street Productions)

DUTCH LOTTO 'Oder' Dir. Henry Scholfield (Caviar)

REGINA BLITZ ' Dad' Dir. Miguel Campana (The Family)

CROFT TWIST 'Man' Dir. Ruth Boulter (Communicator)

Q88 'Nick' Dir. Ronnie West (Hogarth Worldwide)

CLICKSHARE 'Alex' Dir. Lee Hunt (OglivyOneBusiness)

HSBC 'Hero' Dir. Mark Middlewick (Magnet)

CLICKSHARE 'Alex' Dir. Ronnie West (OglivyOneBusiness)

HTC 'Tim' Dir. Jonathan Beamish (Rockhound TV)

Video Game

UNTIL DAWN 'Various Roles (Motion Capture)' Dir. Various (Supermassive Games)

FABLE III 'Various Roles (Motion Capture)' Dir. Andrew Lindsay (Lionhead Studios)


HP 3PAR 'Voice Over' (Strawberry Global Technology)

HPE 'Secret Agent' Dir. Daniel Tremayne-Pitter (Outbound)

HP 3PAR 'Voice Over' (Decorus)

HP 'Voice Over' (Outbound)

HIPPOTIZER 'Voice Over' (Green Hippo)

HP 'HP Trainer' Dir. Daniel Tremayne-Pitter (Outbound)

BT 'BT Employee' Dir. Sam Talbot (Short Form Film Company)

Theatre whilst training

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF 'Constable/Cover Tevye' Dir. Kenn Oldfield

GODSPELL 'God/Satan' Dir. Pete Gallagher

THE CABINET MINISTER 'Mr Melton' Dir. Damien Goodwin

GOLDEN GIRLS 'Noel' Dir. Ellen McDougall

HER NAKED SKIN 'John Seely, Dr Vale, Brown' Dir. Pete Harris

EPSOM DOWNS 'Les Backshaker' Dir. Pete Harris

PLUNDER 'Freddy Malone' Dir. Damien Goodwin

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM 'Oberon, Starvling' Dir. Tam Williams

THE ORESTIA 'Apollo' Dir. Luan De Burgh

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